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Three awards at CNBC-Awaaz Real Estate Awards; Way to go DLF!

DLF Ltd bagged three awards by CNBC Real Estate Awards 2015, one of India’s most prestigious real estate awards.

By DLF 2016-03-16 19:28:16

All About That Glass

Want Class in Home Décor- rely on Glass

By DLF 2015-07-16 17:17:17

High Living in New Town Heights

With over 2,500 families taking over possession of their new homes, development of New Town Heights continues in full throttle.

By DLF 2015-03-11 11:21:29

Living Big -The Crest

Check out the latest addition to DLF’s portfolio of new age luxury condominiums!

By DLF 2014-12-18 18:22:06

Light Them Up in Vogue

From ornate chandeliers to playful LEDs, Gurgaon lights it up in style!

By DLF 2014-12-03 12:19:16